Electronic Mapping and Survey

In addition to offering the highest level and range of location options. Utility ID also offers electronic mapping and survey services for the long term capture of valuable location data, not only for your permanent records but to allow for ease of planning in your upcoming projects. You will have a data layer of information showing existing services which can be supplied in any file format for easy overlay into any of your engineering designs by being compatible with everyday design programs such as CAD.

Don’t rely on some spot marking paint! Get your services located and recorded accurately for future reference. We can supply this information in any file format for your own use or using by using the captured data create a number of different file or map types to suit your requirements or preferences.

  • Google Earth files – Offering you the capability to see your service mapped and displayed in the familiar format of google earth. Not only will you be able to continue to utilize all of google earths features within the file or link we send you, but you will see your data integrated into the map without losing any of Google earths functionality should you wish to tie in with other project data.
  • Photographic documentation – Offering a format that’s easily applied and interpreted in the field. We can augment photographs of your site to clearly display service location and depth in a range of colours for easy identification. This can often be a good practical method of information sharing amongst construction crews and operators to gain a better understanding of service locations. By placing yourself back in the position of the photographer you can easily use other landmarks to see where the services are by comparing the photo to real time.

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